Lonely Planet Guide - The Netherlands


The Ports Portable - A Cultural Travel Guide

to the Port Cities of Antwerp, Hamburg & Rotterdam


aanpak naoorlogse wijken - Donjon Vianen


Art crossing  the Border - Art in Situ / Hoek van Holland*


A Dog in the Backyard - Research Project CBK Rotterdam


Tracer- Six Curators on Art in Rotterdam -

Tent / Witte de With


Welk Werk Waar - CBK Rotterdam


60 + Rotterdamse Beeldend Kunstenaars - Duo Duo


van Drijfhout naar Drijfgoud - Bouman GGZ - Joe Cillen*


Prelude of the MS Noordereiland Ship’s Opera - Libretto - Joe Cillen*


Projects + Objects - Works by Joe Cillen*


Life Boat - ice sculpture


Calender 2010*


publication 50 ship’s journalsa


initiating and writing  MS Noordereiland Ship’s Opera

act 1/2/3/4


From Paal to Pala - A Ship’ slog - MS Noordereiland -

Joe Cillen*



*books, flags, orgon valuta and stamps are available at the gallery







Lijnbaan Center - Rotterdam


Cultural Center - Paal (B)


Perth University - (WA)


founding S.A.R. & NE Studio’s


Ithaka Murmur - Commission of Culture KU and City of Leuven (B)


Non-contaminated Area - project on old city wall


Ithaka Excité - KU Leuven and cesa (B)


Het Dilerium Voorbij - 30 m high wall-painting on Stella Artois elevator


TU Delft installation, entrance to the Angel Dust Factory


TU Delft installation, light project


Bermuda Triangle Expedition:

ín search for the MS Tecun Uman


cooking performance related to ‘A Dog in the Backyard’


Cooking performance 'Marco Polo’s Dinner’ related to Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe


Rounding of Cape Horn


Beacons for Planet Earth - Kiritimati and Ascension Island


‘Tracer’ Tent / Witte de With / Centre for Contempory

Art  Rotterdam





NE GALLERY - permanent exhibition of existing and new works


title of the new work - about imaginary lines, pixels,

voxels and chicken-wire





MS NOORDEREILAND - permanent exhibition in public space / day and night


ceci n’est pas une ile / this is not an island


art as public space - just come on board, walk the decks,


have a look  at the architecture on the city shores


check the bridge, the port and starboard lights, the engine room, the ships horn  and the bow